Hammocks for Therapy

Swinging as a therapy can be an important part of the sensory integration for Special Needs children, and adults also.

Therapists, parents and teachers can use swings effectively to reinforce any therapy objectives for children and provide sensory diets for special needs children.   As most people find gentle rocking soothing, hammocks have the potential to gentle comfort and relax anyone.  In addition, swings can act as a strong motivator.

  • "Swinging is beneficial to people whose sensory systems are still developing and getting organised, as is the sensation of being cocooned. - Wonderfully in a hammock you can get both of these sensations simultaneously. Many people will find this mixture of sensations soothing meaning that the option of chilling out in a hammock can be used to deescalate a situation where stress is building." Joanna Grace: The sensory Projects

As we are far from experts in the complex field of special needs, we take our cue from real life users of our products. Therefore, we offer a range of items and accessories suitable for therapeutic purposes.

Cork based Hammockology has been selling hammocks in Ireland since 2002 and is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of hammock products currently available in this country.


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Recently we have been getting an increasing number of inquiries and sales from Parents of Special Needs Children, and institutions, for our products to be used for therapeutic purposes.

One such inquiry came from Fiona O ‘Leary at Autistic Rights Together (ART). 

We sent a Hammock Chair to Fiona and asked her for a review of our product:

I am a Mother to five wonderful children and two of my children are on the Autistic Spectrum. I am also the founder of Autistic Rights Together, a non-profit organisation representing the Autistic community.
The Hammock Chair we received from Hammockology is enjoyed by all the family but it has been most beneficial to our 11 year old Autistic Son.
Our Son uses the chair regularly and it helps him relax after a day in School or when he has a Sensory Overload which is common with an Autism Diagnosis.
Our Son finds the swinging motion self-soothing and it helps him to Self-Regulate and most importantly he enjoys it!
I highly recommend the Hammock Chair and the Service and Hospitality of Hammockology is superb!
Fiona O'Leary ART

For more exploration of the merits of swing therapy please see these informative articles by especialneeds.com and Marina Mironov.



Not all hammocks are suitable for swing therapy.

We don’t recommend the type of hammock for kids

(Spreader Bar Hammock). 


Click on this '3 little bears' video to find out why


Top selling products

Ticket to the Moon parachute silk hammocks

Made from the same fabric as a modern day parachute, these extremely comfortable hammocks come in 3 different widths. Suitable for use indoor and out, they are our bestselling hammocks. This style of hammock is particularly well suited for therapeutic purposes as the wide fabric gives a sense of being enclosed and feeling safe. It is worth noting that we never recommend hammocks with spreader bars for Swing Therapy as they are inherently unstable. 

Kids Rainbow Hammock
A great space saving hammock in cheerful rainbow colours. Made from cotton this hammock is particularly suitable for smaller children.
  Kids Moonchair
This has been a really popular hanging chair for autistic children. The shape of the seat means the child is well positioned and feels enclosed, it has been compared to a bucket seat. Unlike most hanging chairs the Moonchair can be adjusted (without tools) to angle the chair back or forwards, this is an excellent feature when you want to change the dynamic of the way the chair is used. There is also a full size version of the Moonchair for older children or adults.
This new product from the UK is somehow neither a hammock nor a hanging chair but we love it and think it’s going to be very well received by those using it for Swing Therapy. Comes in a range of colours and 3 sizes. Wooden and metal free-standing frames are also available.
We have a selection of wall and ceiling hooks suitable for all different types of construction material. Also, items such as springs, swivels and systems to adjust the height of the hammock or hanging chair. All accessories are specially made for use with hammocks.
We have a range of free standing and semi-permanent stands for hanging both hammocks and chairs. Please contact us to discuss the best option for your particular needs.


Multi Hammock Frames for Schools / Institutions 

  • We install tripod hammock frames in schools and institutions throughout the country.
  • The frames are very solid and can be moved to different locations
  • These frames can hold both hammocks and hanging chairs and are inter-changeable.


Hammocks will not be suitable to all special needs children, but for the most part hammocks provide an important sensory integration tool for helping special needs children integrate spatial, movement, and balance awareness that are provided by the simple act of swinging. 



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We understand that it isn’t easy deciding which type of hammock is the most suitable.

Also it is important to install the equipment in the best way for your particular circumstances.

Please get in touch and we will help you make the right choices, and installation advice.